FAQs About Buying or Building a New Home

Do you have move-in ready homes?

We keep our website updated with the latest move-in-ready homes available in the Stoughton and the surrounding Madison area. All of our homes are in different stages of completion. Please contact us and we can share with you what new homes are in which phase.

How long does the home-building process take?

This varies from builder to builder, but at Eldon Homes we aim for a 90-day build cycle. With that said, we do need to take into consideration the square footage of the home, weather conditions, and supply chain challenges when calculating completion dates.

What is the home-building & selection process?

Once a home plan is selected and the floor plan is finalized, the home buyer will be able to select interior doors, cabinets/countertops, flooring, lighting, plumbing fixtures, and finishes. Read more about our building process.

How do I buy a new home in the Madison area?

Contact us! We are your “one stop shop” company for new homes in the Madison, WI area. We can offer you suggestions and assistance with financing, home selection, purchase agreement, and home warranties.

Do I need to have a loan prior to signing a purchase agreement?

No, but you do need to have proof of funds to show you can purchase the home come closing day.

Is now a good time to buy a brand-new home?

Interest rates are currently low, which means you will pay less in interest over the life of your loan if you buy now. The cost of materials has been on the rise, which in turn will likely make homes more expensive in the future. By buying now, you could potentially lock in a lower interest rate along with a lower home price. Another positive to buying now: It is a seller’s market! The housing demand is high, so you will most likely get top dollar for your current home!

What are the warranties offered with Eldon Homes?

We offer the “1-2-10 Warranty Program”. With this warranty program everything will be covered for 1 year. Mechanicals, Electrical, HVAC, and Plumbing will be covered for 2 years, and the structure of your home will be covered for 10 years! We also offer the FTQ-360 program, which is completed after each phase of the build. This is a thorough checklist to ensure that all installed components have been installed correctly and are working as they should.

Are Eldon Homes Energy Efficient?

Yes! The average HERS (Home Energy Rating System) score is less than 50, which qualifies them to be energy star certified.

I want to build a home on my land. Where do I start?

Contact us! If you already have land we will assist you in selecting a home plan. We will build your home with the same level of quality and standards that we do with all of our homes.

Can I do some of the home build myself?

To ensure that we are providing the safest working environment while building our homes, only licensed, insured employees and contractors will be allowed to work on-site. Once ownership of the home has been transferred at closing, you then can add to your home if you would like.